How do I care for my enamel jewelry?

Your silver jewelry has been finished with a durable layer of rhodium plating to prevent tarnishing. However, please protect your jewelry from hairsprays and perfumes.
Clean with warm soapy water and a soft brush. Rinse under running water and dry with a lint-free cloth. (Do not use silver polish or silver dip.
Gold jewelry will quickly discolor when exposed to household bleach. It can be cleaned with a soft, lint-free cloth.
Ultrasonic cleaning is not safe for many gemstones, so we advise against this method.

Why is your silver jewelry rhodium plated?

Rhodium is a precious hard metal in the platinum family of metals. It's used by fine jewelers to plate sterling silver, as it prevents tarnishing and provides a bright reflective finish. We rhodium plate all of our silver jewelry and cufflinks when a white metal finish is required.

What is hard fired or vitreous enamel?

We use hard fired vitreous enamel for all of our silver jewelry and cufflinks. It is fired glass, and gives a lustrous color that will never change. Jewelers like Faberge and Lalique used vitreous enamel. Enameling with vitreous enamel is difficult, as the melting point for silver is very close to the melting point for enamel.

Is enamel fragile?

All enamel jewelry must be handled with care, like a fine glass sculpture. Although it is durable like glass, it will also crack like glass if abused. However, in our 25 years' experience selling enamel jewelry, this problem rarely occurs. A jewelry care leaftlet is included with each piece of Nicole Barr.

Is your jewelry Nickel-Free?

Our jewelry meets the current standards for Nickel content as set by the EU.

Are your diamonds Conflict-Free?

Yes. We comply with the Kimberley Process for purchase of non-conflict diamonds.

Is all of your jewelry Ethically Produced?

Yes. Nicole Barr jewelry is created by the skilled enamelers of Thailand, in our American owned and managed facility. We are committed to providing fair wages and working hours, health care, training and a comfortable, safe environment where each person has the opportunity to reach their best potential. Our employees take pride in their work and we feel privileged to have them be part of our old-fashioned 21st century company.